Black Caviar’s Sydney Derby Day

Mohammad Ali, Pele, Sir Donald Bradman, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Black Caviar. In each of their disciplines these athletes have lifted the bar to heights that others only dreamed of. They define their generation and inspire the world with their greatness. Forget the race that stops a nation, tomorrow Sydney will be host to the horse that stops a nation. The living legend, the invincible, Black Caviar. The fastest equine sprinter in the world and a horse of a lifetime. The revamped Royal Randwick Racecourse is a complete sell out as the traditional black and white fashion of Derby Day will be swamped with a sea of salmon and black polka dots. The phenomenon that is Black Caviar is in town to take her unbeaten career wins to 25. While tomorrow will be more of a race than her recent parades, the result is still a formality. There are many reasons Black Caviar is invincible. Here are a few you might be able to spot. Firstly she has a supreme combination of speed and endurance. While most horses win their races at the end, she wins them in the middle leaving her rivals with nothing but windburn and a deflated ego. She also has an enormous stride (up to 8m) but is somehow light-footed which results in less strides and less fatigue than her challengers. Her athleticism gives her the ability to effortlessly process these strides both quickly and efficiently spending minimal time in contact with the turf. If you think of a horse like a Porsche Boxer 911, the engine is stored in the backend, which generates the power, while the front steers the body. Tomorrow take the opportunity to check out Black Caviar’s massive V8 hindquarters. (Her Ass) Take a good long look, enjoy it and admire its size, don’t be shy everyone else is too. When her button is pushed, the afterburners kick in and in seconds the race will be over, no other horse on the planet can keep up. Enjoy the privilege of witnessing greatness; you won’t ever see another horse like her again.

Randwick R9: Black Caviar #1. Put a dollar on her. Keep the ticket and frame it. One day you can tell your grandkids, I saw the fastest horse in the world – The Invincible Black Caviar.

Randwick R2: Tatra#1 Win @ $6. Loves the mile. Beaten by quality the last 2 out.

Randwick R3: Unimpeachable #3 Win @ $8. Set for this distance. Nice barrier.

Randwick R5: Overreach #7 Win @ $1.80. 2013 Slipper Champion.

Randwick R7: Trifecta. It’s a Dundeel #1 @ $1.30 Philippi #3 @$7.50 Hippous #5 @ $15. All in form.

Randwick R8: Karuta Queen #6 @ $11 Win. Second to BC last start. Past winner third up.

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