Billecart-Salmon Celebrates 200 Years With Bicentennial Cuvée Magnum

200 years of anything is a long time. 200 years of champagne excellence is a notable feat and one worthy of celebration. So how is the internationally renowned and respected Billecart-Salmon celebrating this feat? By releasing 1,818 of a Bicentennial Cuvée Magnum, of course. The cost for one of these luxurious drops? Wine sources say, ‘Around $2,000.’

Billecart-Salmon Bicentenary Champagne

The Bicentennial Cuvée Magnum

The released wine, much like its maker, is involved in an intricate creation process. By stretching back to the past, they create something truly delectable in the present. The Bicentennial Cuvée is 92% pinot noir, made in an extra-brut style and is a blend of eight prestige wine origins. The delicate mix spans the vintages of 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2012. Ingredients are drawn from the Montagne de Reims and Côte des Blancs champagne vineyards. To preserve the champagne’s powerful taste, the creation process crosses both oak and stainless-steel casks. The intended result is an ‘elegant and lingering, yet powerful style.’ This is also a suitable description for the family-owned company that has maintained its dominance for 200 years.

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Billecart-Salmon Bicentenary ChampagneAlways Moving Forward

Although being around for two centuries usually affords champagne makers the privilege of sure business, Billecart-Salmon is continuing to revolutionise wine-making. However, the family-owned team is investing in a new cellar that utilises oak ageing in larger tanks, with the intention of giving their wine more stimulating notes and character. Mathieu Rolland-Billecart, COO and a direct descendant of original co-founder Nicolas, believes in this process and has faith in the 24 2,000-gallon (that’s 7,500 litres for the uninitiated) oak vats found within the new cellar.

They say that a good champagne-making family has wine running through their blood. Well, with the Roland-Billecarts’ and their associates, that blood/wine line is as strong as ever. Seven generations of excellence afford them the ability to make a drop as unique and superior as their 200-year Bicentennial Cuvée magnum. At two grand a pop (that’s USD) and only 1,818 in circulation, you would want to save this prize for a very special occasion; like a 200th birthday.


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