Best Websites for Affordable Art in 2017

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I’ve been looking at a lot of Art online lately, and by pure coincidence, been asked numerous times about good places to acquire affordable art. There comes a time in every man’s life when you have to start thinking about furnishing and decorating your home, be it a rented or owned. As young men, it’s hard to justify spending $40k on a limited Massimo Vitali print but that’s not a problem because there are a plethora of great websites dedicated to giving up-and-coming artists exposure and retailing affordable art in the form of digital posters, limited prints and unique works. Here are our favourite 10 Websites for Great Affordable Art.


Had to kick things off with Etsy, it’s a treasure trove of gold but you’ve got to spend the time wading through the not so good. The selection of art is mind boggling from garage sale style vintage art and posters to sculptures, typography and illustrations starting from as little as a few dollars.

AUD$44 - Where the Heart Takes Us by soveryhappyart

AUD$44 – Where the Heart Takes Us by soveryhappyart

Art Pharmacy:

Art Pharmacy is an online gallery that sells artworks by Australian-based, emerging and established artists. Their aim is to make affordable art accessible to everyone offering original prints, oils, watercolours, acrylics, photography, etchings and more.

Affordable art

$150.00 – 10 – Alexandra English


Society6 is a simple website selling cheap as chips prints and limited editions for the home or bedroom. Framed prints start at US$33 and the website prints and ships the works on behalf of the artist. Great fun having a trawl through, definitely some cool stuff to be discovered.

US$36 - Tina Crespo - Stop and Glow

US$36 – Stop and Glow by Tina Crespo

1xRUN (One Times Run):

1xRUN is the premier online destination for exclusive one of a kind artwork in any and all forms. Working with leading and emerging artists from around the world, 1xRUN is focused on bringing limited-edition time released artwork to collectors across the globe. Generally the art has a street/graffiti theme in the form of illustrations and start at around $75. I’ve purchased two prints by Vans The Omega via 1xRUN and am a very satisfied customer.

Vans The Omega + N. Corradi - Born The Everlasting

US$100 – Born The Everlasting by Vans The Omega + N. Corradi (Sold Out)


YellowKorner was created in 2006 by two photography lovers (it’s all photography) with a simple concept: to introduce the greatest photographers from all over the world and to increase the number of copies of their work to make it accessible to as many collectors as possible. YellowKorner photographs start at approximately $160 and are produced by a renowned professional laboratory, numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity under the artist’s watchful eye (not in Slim Aarons case however!).

Slim Aarons - Guest at Villa Nirvana

US$160 – Guest at Villa Nirvana by Slim Aarons

Jack Vanzet:

You either dig his style or you don’t. Jack Vanzet aka Thrupence makes beautiful music and beautiful illustrations and the only reason I haven’t purchased one is that I want all of them. Check out his site and music and support this Melbourne based artist!

AUD$195 - Singularity by Jack Vanzet

AUD$195 – Singularity by Jack Vanzet


Each and every work of art on Zatista is 100% unique and 100% original and ranges from low hundreds right into the thousands. Zatista charge commission rates to their artists that are far below that of traditional galleries and are a team of art enthusiasts dedicated to making the art-buying experience enjoyable, easy, and affordable.

Zatista 10 Great Websites for Affordable Art

US$410 – Albaicin by Roberto Bonifaz

Sebastian Foster:

Easily one of my favourites, the team behind Sebastian Foster have great taste, offering a well-curated collection to a ‘sophisticated and considerate audience’. The artists represented reflect a broad range of ideas and styles, and prices which start from as little as $35 and jump into the thousands.

US$400 - Fire Starters by Lisa Golightly

US$400 – Fire Starters by Lisa Golightly

Buy Some Damn Art:

Buy Some Damn Art is an online gallery featuring original artwork by a number of independent artists based in the US and abroad. It’s certainly for the more alternative art lover and showcases a range of painting styles starting around $300. BSDA is run by Kate Singleton who enjoys making good art accessible to more people and runs her own Art Blog called Art Hound which is well worth checking out.

US$350 - MINI STACK by Wendi Turchan

US$350 – Wendi Turchan – MINI STACK


20×200 have been showcasing artists and gorgeous art to collectors since 2007. They believe that everyone can—and should—collect art, and that artists should have more opportunities to make a living by making work. The site is great, the browsing functionality is easy and the offering is spot on from fine art to photography.

US$60 - Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize

US$60 – Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize


Paddle8 is stepping things up a touch with sales ranging from as low as a couple of hundred dollars up to $50,000. They tout themselves as the auction house for the 21st-century collector, giving a global community of passionate collectors unprecedented access to online auctions of high-calibre inventory in a wide range of forms.

US$1000 - Bullitt Poster from Paddle8's Vintage Rock and Movie Poster Auction.

US$1000 – Bullitt Poster from Paddle8’s Vintage Rock and Movie Poster Auction.

Exhibition A:

Exhibition A offers original contemporary artworks as well as collaborative limited edition prints from selected artists. I’ve purchased two prints from Exhibition A in the last year, both limited to 50 pieces, ranging from $150US to $250US. Shipping to Australia isn’t cheap but it arrives in next to no time!

Affordable art

$250US Crevice 16- Paul Kremer


bluethumb is Australia’s largest art marketplace, connecting collectors, art lovers and interior designers with a community of emerging and established Australian artists. You can purchase original paintings, drawings and limited edition prints direct from artists’ studios starting at under $100. The website is brilliantly organised and the quality is sublime.

Affordable art

$210 North By Northwest – Jeremy Elkington

Uprise Art:

Uprise Art celebrates affordable art with a collection of artworks under $800. From there you can shop by Artist or Medium and easily filter by price and size. There’s a wonderful mix of artists showcasing a broad range of styles and subjects. It’s almost impossible not to find something appealing!

Affordable art

$230US Seawalls and gull sounds – Kristin Texeira

BH Approved:

The BH Approved store offers a collection of specially curated men’s clothing, accessories and homewares from both niche and established domestic and international brands, however, it’s their art offering that is most attractive. Featuring a range of limited edition digital and woodblock prints as well as collaborations with local Australian artists there’s something for every taste and budget.

Cliff Sandler Kanye

Feature Image – Jeremy Elkington


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