5 Best Summer Surfboards 2015

The days are longer, the mornings are hotter and the winds will be onshore by the time you wake up, which means it’s time to inject some fun into the summer quiver. I managed to snap my favourite little 5’5 thrash around sled on the weekend, which is a blessing in disguise as now I can go guilt-free shopping for my new summer ride. With board companies throwing up new models every other week, I thought I’d outline a few that are on my radar. Here are TVG 5 Best Summer Surfboards 2015:


Chilli Surfboards – Cherry Peppa

The days you rock up and it’s 1 foot summer slop, you won’t be driving home without salty hair and a smile on your face if you have this board in the quiver. The ultimate summer pal. Equipped with a 5 fin option for your choice of a quad set-up (point breaks), or a thruster set-up for that shorey bash at Curl Curl.


Rusty – Neil

Something a little different with a 5 fin Diamond Tail. The Neil is perfectly suited to those sloppy onshore conditions and is a go-to for Josh Kerr and Noa Deane. It runs a wider outline and plan shape with a flatter rocker that makes it super fast through dead sections on a wave and also really quick right from the take off.

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STACEY – Return of the Jam

A few tweaks have been made to the 2013 ‘Summer Jam’ board. Still has a super flat deck to give it that skatey/fast feel in small waves, but an added concave and pulled in nose will help generate more speed and better on the rail. Five fins for versatility, a speedway paint job and I think I’ve just found my new board.


Channel Islands – The Peregrine

If you love the way Dane Reynolds surfs (as we all do) then this is closest thing you’ll get to being as good as him. Four-channels fuel this all around high performance shortboard suitable for all wave types. Designed for maximum down the line speed, quick transitions, and big rail turns.



Lost Mayhem – V3 Rocket

If a board makes it to a third version then there’s obviously something going right. The V3 is characterized by its trademark steps through the tail and high wide-point up in the nose. Best suited in 1-4ft waves, it’s the perfect hybrid board for surfers of all abilities.

Feature Image: Todd Glaser 

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