Bespoke Trading Co. Crown Street

Last week we attended a brand launch-party for a Sydney based start-up called Bespoke Trading Co. to support their Indiegogo campaign.

With their philosophy in mind, “a sustainable way to buy less and get more”, Bespoke Trading Co. has set up a workshop & studio on Crown Street in Surry Hills. They design & manufacture quality, personalized goods & gifts. Their collection of products include reclaimed leather wallets, wooden iPhone skins & 100% woolen glasses cases, just to name a few.

What makes them special is their goal to change the way we consume by developing products that stand the test of time, customized by you to create a sense of meaning & attachment to the goods, referring back to the idea of “buy less and get more”.

As we have grown up, technology has been developed more rapidly than ever before & we have become part of the age of digitalization & mass-consumerism. This has influenced us to become somewhat used to disposable consumption, with the products we buy constantly being outdated & the desire to always have the latest version. Although in the past couple of years, we have finally seen resurgence in the love for tactile & tangible products & knowing/caring where they came from. We are slowly coming to the old-fashioned realization that there is no substitute for quality. It’s nice to taste the locally brewed beer rather than having something you see advertised everyday on television, it’s comforting to feel the dusty texture of the vinyl sleeve in your hands that you have dug out from a crate, rather than simply downloading the mp3 off a screen & there’s nothing like having a suit fitted rather than hoping for the best when it’s delivered in 3 hours time. It is an unexplainable satisfaction for purchasing a product that is REAL & as we buy these things, we create unique experiences for ourselves.

Bespoke Trading Co. supports these timeless ideals by creating their collection of items with a sense of sustainability. You can support them by visiting them at Shop 1, 256 Crown St, Darlinghurst, Sydney or alternatively visiting their website for details on their crowd-funding campaign.

Finally, the good people at Bespoke Trading Co. made us two sets of personalised TVG coasters, pictured below and in the feature image. Aside from smelling delightful the detail is awesome and the logo couldn’t have worked any better, we can’t get enough of them! Highly recommend.

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