Bespoke Summit Wrap-Up: Utilisation of Social Media

The current utilisation of social media has become a highly discussed topic in almost every industry throughout the world. Last week’s Bespoke Summit showed us that this is no different for the luxury goods sector, with much debate on whether these new media platforms are being used to the best of their ability.

The Business of Fashion, which has been described as a “daily destination for fashion’s most influential power players”, is a perfect example of how brands (be it in the luxury industry or not) can successfully harness social media. Imran Amed, whom founded the site in 2007, says it is a necessity to have a social media presence but only when you’re ready. He believes that it is pointless to create multiple accounts under your brands name if you are unable to provide the resources to keep the conversation current and aligned. Instead, he insists that a brand should target only a few platforms initially, become successful in these areas and then branch out further. Five key pointers were offered which Imran believes will allow a brand to excel on their respective social media sites:

  • Point of View
  • Daily Relationship
  • Great User Experience
  • Power of Community
  • Experimenting

Already discussed in our previous Bespoke Wrap-Up article, Imran’s point on power of community is once again evidenced as an important element to constantly strive for both online and offline. This idea was further clarified by Aquabumps Founder Eugene Tan, who wants his brands social media presence to be about more than the product of photography, but rather about the interwoven ideas of surfing, beaches, family and friends. Consequently, a lifestyle is born around the brand with a more natural approach to the delivery of conversation and content.

Eugene Tan – Aquabumps

Conversely, it was also discussed that social media is not always a saving grace and cannot be viewed as the be all and end all. Karen Walker notes that that her brand would have never thrived online if a good idea wasn’t at the centre of it all and that her success comes from having a holistic approach to the whole business.

It cannot be denied that social media will continue to play a huge role in how luxury brands interact with the world. The challenge is to balance multiple platforms and the different elements that come with each of these, whilst producing a synonymous and relevant message. If this juggling act wasn’t enough, brands must also realise that in the end, social media is only one piece of a very large puzzle.

Next up is Bespoke Wrap-Up: Mr Jeremy Langmead which will discuss his interpretation of the modern gentleman.

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