Bespoke Summit Wrap-Up: Mr Jeremy Langmead (Mr Porter)

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I’ve had my sights set on a career at MR Porter HQ since its inception in February 2011. Two years on and the company has become the world’s most esteemed global online retailer for men, servicing over 170 countries worldwide and filling its virtual shelves with renowned labels such as Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Paul Smith and Lanvin. In addition to E-Commerce, it is also a multiplatform content creator which produces weekly online ‘Journals’, print editions, paperbacks, iPad apps and the list goes on. Therefore, one can only assume that the offices of Mr Porter would be the perfect place to gain a wealth of knowledge in regards to the world of men’s fashion. And when it comes to both these elements, no one is more experienced or creative than former editor of Esquire, and now Editor-in-chief of Mr Porter.

Mr Jeremy Langmead – Editor in Cheif Mr Porter

Mr Langmead was an international guest at last week’s Bespoke Summit and was speaking about his interpretation of the modern gentleman. Needless to say, when he made his way up to the podium I had my pen and paper at the ready.

Now we all know that there is a difference between how men and woman shop but how exactly do men behave when they are involved in this shopping experience and how does online, more specifically MR Porter cater to this behaviour. Unlike their female counterparts, Mr Langmead believes that men are less about the emotional aspects and instead enjoy an easy, cognitive experience. They want easily accessible product information, the ability to ask questions anonymously and without fear, all while doing so at a time and place that is convenient for them. It is these elements which Mr Porter chooses to focus on and inevitably excel in. Whether a customer is after information about the size, fit, details or return policy, it’s all at their fingertips. If your questions are still not answered, never fear – The site also provides avenues for men to discreetly ask their own questions including Style Q&A’s, advisors, video manuals and continuous support staff. In addition, Mr Langmead said his team primarily noticed that “Men are inspired by other iconic men” and relate better when fashion is in context. Therefore, the site avoids using male models and instead chooses multi-layered personalities both past and present who have been successful in their own right and will continue to inspire others.

These ingredients have all been combined to provide an undeniably visually stunning, practical and easy approach to shopping for men.

And what has been the uptake of Mr Porter by the Aussie Bloke? Mr Langmead acknowledges that Australia is a “stylish, fashion conscious country” – and the facts don’t lie. $100,000 worth of Lanvin sneakers have been shipped to our shores, the Burberry Trench is our favourite item and a Bottega Veneta leather jacket is the highest priced item sold to one of our citizens for around $8,000. It’s not surprising then that Australia is now the 3rd biggest territory for the site.

Inspiring, learned, dapper and a perfect representation of a versatile gent, Mr Jeremy Langmead is sure to steer this online site on a continued journey of success. And if anyone is sceptical as to whether this interest in men’s fashion is sustainable, the editor-in-chief so poignantly requoted Robinson Crusoe “Civilisation begins with Trousers”…..

Author: William Codey (@williamcodey)

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