Bespoke Summit Wrap-Up: Importance of Community

Last Thursday the Sydney Opera House was host to some of the luxury world’s most influential and respected figures at the inaugural Bespoke Summit. With a Smythson notepad full of information, the event provided a wealth of knowledge which was both insightful and inspiring for all those lucky enough to attend.

The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

Too hard to summarise in one article, Bespoke Wrap-Up will be divided into Three-parts and will detail a few key trends evident on the day including the importance of a brands community and the current utilisation of social media. Part Three will be dedicated to a personal favourite of mine and all-round Dapper Gent, Mr Jeremy Langmead – Editor-in-chief of Mr Porter.

Louise Herron, CEO of Sydney Opera House addressed the first trend perfectly saying that the culture surrounding a brand can end up being bigger than the product itself. This idea was further developed with the boys from Saturdays Surf NYC, where it was never just about the product, they endeavoured to constantly create a conversation and experience for consumers through their stores (also coffee shops), social media, surfing events and even community barbeques. This respect for a strong culture not only allowed them to evoke community feelings within the hustle and bustle of NY but also turned their passion for a recreational sport into a successful, international surf brand.

Morgan Collett, Colin Tunstall & Josh Rosen (Co-Founders – Saturdays Surf NYC)

In addition, not only is community important for consumers, but Jeff Rudes, CEO and Founder of J Brand (Header image) knows that it’s equally significant for his employees. He believes the essence to success and high quality work is creativity, innovation and passion which will only come from a comfortable work place. This strategy has paid off and has turned a once simple denim company into a multi-millionaire dollar empire which is featured in specialty stores and luxury retailers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

However you choose to describe it, these speakers have showed us first hand that in a saturated market a company must offer more than just a good product. They need to have a holistic view of the business and both internally and externally provide an experience, create a culture and in turn build a community that reflects well of that brand.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the above and make sure you check out Bespoke Wrap-Up: Utilisation of Social Media which will be up in the next couple of days.

William Codey (Twitter @williamcodey)

Image Sources: The Versatile Gent & Bespoke Summit

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