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Summer is upon us, and all year you’ve told yourself that your body would be beach ready come December. Taking care of your body only gets more complicated once the festive season arrives; balancing what you eat, drink, whatever it is, we’re all in the same boat.

With the ‘silly season’ in full swing and general beer consumption (Leo dad bods) on the rise, it’s good to be aware of a handful of beers that are on average 99.9% sugar-free, with relatively little carbs and no preservatives – and don’t forget to watch the calories! Just like your shredding diet, moderation remains the key – it’s what you eat, along  with regular activity.

Get your head around these beers for summer.

furphy1Furphy Refreshing Ale 

A Victorian favourite, this refreshing Pale Ale is brewed from 100% Victorian ingredients to produce a clean, crisp and delightfully balanced beer perfect for a warm summer’s eve with just 138 calories per serve.

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 2.3% Carbs, Preservative free, 138 Calories per 375mL serve.

rs43850_h_330ml-bottle-spritz-scr3_02Hahn SuperDry

When Hahn says that SuperDry is low in carbs they mean it, 0.7% carbohydrates to be exact. This makes it the go to beverage for anyone conscious of carb intake and looking for a full strength beer with a crisp palate.

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 0.7% Carbs, Preservative free, 99 Calories per 330mL serve.

Beer the Beautiful TruthWhite Rabbit White Ale

A delicate mix of juniper beer, bitter orange with a hint of coriander. Who thought beer was so fancy? On average 99.9% sugar-free, offering a gentle bitterness that only dishes out 134 calories per 330mL serve.

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 3.4% Carbs, Preservative free, 134 Calories per 330mL serve.

XXXX Summer Bright Lager

An easy drinking, crisp full strength lager that offers up a fruity aroma. This beer is perfect for the summer months as the yeast consumes most of the carbohydrates in the brewing process.

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 0.8% Carbs, Preservative free, 94 Calories per 330mL serve.

Beer the Beautiful TruthTooheys Extra Dry

The age old favourite of young males across Australia. Each Tooheys Extra Dry sees an extended fermentation process giving it that famous clean and crisp taste, a no fuss beer.

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 2.2% Carbs, Preservative free, 122 Calories per 345mL serve.

Beer the Beautiful TruthJames Boag’s Draught

A century-old recipe from the pristine waters of Tasmania. A slightly sweet, full-bodied lager that perfectly accompanies that protein filled steak you’re cooking for dinner.

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 2.2% Carbs, Preservative free, 137 Calories per 375mL serve.

Beer the Beautiful TruthLittle Creatures Rogers

Dark rich honeycombs pour that wafts hints of passion fruit and roasted toffee flavours. This amber mid-strength ale is full of surprises, generally containing very little sugar. 

99.9% Sugar-free on average, 3.3% Carbs, Preservative free, 122 Calories per 330mL serve.

Knowing what is in the beer you are drinking can lead to making more informed decisions about your health. Head over to to get more nutrition information on your favourite beers


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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