11 Of The Most Beautiful Remote Hotels In The World

The notion of a holiday or a vacation – to escape the mundane of every day – has been lost in favour of the same crowded coastal towns (think Byron, Noosa, Gold Coast, and the sort) or generic international travel packages to generic tourist towns. The following list is a welcome alternative to the path too commonly treaded. These are 11 of the most beautiful remote hotels in the world.

Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

In the heart of the Carribean sits the tiny St. Vincent & The Grenadines, a chain of small beautiful islands. Petit St. Vincent has an emphasis on the escape from our techno-centric lives, with no wifi, telephones, or televisions on the island. This allows visitors to experience the full luxury of the island.

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EOLO Patagonia, Argentina

Situated in the beautiful Patagonia plains, EOLO shows a side of the South American continent that is rarely publicised. The vividness of the surrounding earth is undeniable, and EOLO displays the best of its surrounding while presenting some beautiful interior design.

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Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

Kangaroo Island is renowned across the country for its sublime isolated beauty and the Southern Ocean Lodge is among the best mediums in which to experience said beauty. The perfect couples retreat, this Kangaroo Island getaway is about as rejuvenating as holidays come.

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Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Mongolia isn’t thrust to the forefront of thought when I consider go-to holiday spots, but the Three Camel Lodge certainly makes one reconsider their stance on the matter. With a vast expanse of the MongolianĀ Steppes at your doorstep, the stay here balances ruggedness with a connection to nature.

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Deplar Farm, Iceland

It’s impossible to discuss remote hotels without considering the Nordic reaches of the world. The Deplar Farm in Iceland is a difficult consideration to pass up, as it mixes a humble lodging experience with the adventure necessary to fully experience the country’s many natural beauties.

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Qasr Al Sarab, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is notorious for its near-unnecessary levels of opulence; Qasr Al Sarab is no exception to this rule. A stunning, castle-like oasis in the middle of the Arabian dessert makes the Qasar Al Sarab one of the most isolated spots on this list.

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Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Another superb South American inclusion, Mashpi Lodge is one of the most uniquely gorgeous remote hotels in the world, nestled nicely in the lush forests of Ecuador. Guests are lost in the clouds and the stress-free freedom that the Lodge provides.

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Constance Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

Constance Tsarabanjina makes use of the natural isolation of Madagascar many small islands, conveying a theme of tropical relaxation through the rock/wood aesthetic of the hut-like sleeping spots.

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One & Only Nyungwe House, Rwanda

The ‘One & Only’ company name is very appropriate with their Nyungwe House offering in Rwanda. The hotel shows the most gorgeous side of the African continent with dense forestry and immaculate sunset. It also helps that Nyungwe House has excellent design and a range of amenities.

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Pikaia Lodge, Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have a rich natural history thanks to their isolation, and Pikaia Lodge is building upon this with their luxurious lodges that are some of the most remote hotels in the world. Heavily eco-centric in order to preserve the serenity of the island, Pikaia Lodge is still an extremely comfortable stay.

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Torridon Resort, Scotland

The Torridon Resort is a historical combination of a traditional inn, luxurious hotel, and amazing castle accommodation. The Scottish country sets a beautiful scene and a potential playground for a plethora of activities. Furthermore, a succulent menu and opportunity for Scotch tasting make Torridon the perfect British getaway.

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