The Right Style Beards For Every Face Shape

We sat down with Bryan Tiska, Master Barber and Philips Shaving and Grooming ambassador, to compile some handy tips and insights on the best beards men can choose for their face type.

Choosing a beard style can be challenging, especially if you haven’t experimented with many looks in the past or you’re struggling to grow the fuzz that you’re after. No one wants to take the leap – just like trying a new haircut – only to find out it really doesn’t work for you.

Once we’ve helped you figure out which style best suits your face, your attentive grooming skills will determine the quality of your finished look. Whether you’re sporting a 5 o’clock shadow or a full beard, keeping facial hair tidy is a must. Stay on top of it.

The Oval Shape

Beards Oval Shape Ryan Gosling

Blokes with oval-shaped faces can pretty much rock any grooming style because they have very well proportioned features. These guys will have a balanced chin with cheekbones slightly wider than their jawbones. One thing to look out for with oval-shaped faces is that full beards or moustaches could end up throwing off your natural symmetry, so if you’re looking for a bit more facial hair, try a beard which hews fairly closely to your existing facial features.

The Round Shape

Beards The Round Shape Tom Hardy

If you have a rounder face, you typically have wide cheekbones, jawbones and a short chin. To create the impression of a longer, more pronounced chin, aim to grow a goatee or Van Dyke-style beards. With a rounder face, keep the style controlled and narrow rather than wide and bushy.

The Triangle Shape

Beards Triangle Shape Adam Levine

A guy with a triangular or heart-shaped face often has a pointed chin, wide cheekbones and narrower jawbone. These faces best suit beards that are larger and bulkier to conceal the chin and create symmetry in the face. With a triangular-shaped face it’s a good idea to avoid trimming hair too high on the neck, but instead keeping your beard full below the chin to create a look that is more flattering and less fail.

The Long Shape

Beards The Long Shape Ryan Quality

Guys with a long face often have a wide jawbone that sits above their mouth with a deep chin that squares off at the bottom. A full but narrow chevron moustache can help to break up your face vertically which will give you a stylish look. A well-trimmed chinstrap will enhance the volume of your long jawline without it looking messy. The best way to keep these beards neat and controlled is to use an electric shaver that offers some guidance. You’ll have a sharp shave and clean line up like you’ve just visited the barber.

The Square Shape

Beards The Square Shape Brad Pitt

If you’ve got a square-shaped face, you have a wide jawbone and a short, angular chin. Square-jawed guys look their best with a goatee or circle beards because it lengthens the chin while accentuating their considerable jaw. Just make sure the goatee is rounded or triangular to create a chiselled finish. If you’re up for it, try a traditional moustache as your wide facial features can easily accommodate it.

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