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The workweek consumes the large majority of our lives, and we’re all guilty of talking about work too much, and not enjoying the time off as much as we should. Those precious 48 hours that string together Saturday and Sunday are somewhat of an anomaly. Have a big Friday night on the whiskies and the weekend blurs past, offering little respite from the heavy week in the office. However, plan those hours carefully and make a weekend of it, and those 48 hours can be wonderfully fulfilling.

For this reason, Hilton Worldwide has recently launched its “Be A Weekender” campaign in Australasia, urging people to make the most of their 48-hour weekends and experience a spectrum of cosmopolitan cities, beaches, adventure activities and food and wine experiences.

In Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Hilton have curated a series of weekend getaways, appealing to all types of people from thrill seekers in Queenstown, to food lovers in Melbourne. Even in Sydney, our own backyard, The Versatile Gent discovered a wonderful array of activities, specifically chosen for the ‘Be A Weekender’ initiative. From a night at the Sydney Theatre Company (we attended a riveting play called The Effect), to Dinner at the one hatted Glass Brasserie (the 9-score wagyu blew me away), Hilton Worldwide are doing their best ensure you and I make the most of our weekends.

And what would a weekend away be without a smashing hotel room? The Relaxation Suites in Sydney are stunning, featuring a large central bathtub and panoramic views of the city, while a welcome platter of Australian cheeses and a bottle of red wine certainly took my mind off the work week.

As the rise of boutique hotels continues, it’s experiences like this one that make you realise there’s a reason why global brands such as Hilton have been leading the hotel game for years. Be A Weekender is running until the end of the year so take advantage of it and start making the most of your weekends.

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TVG-The-Versatile-Gent-Glass-Braserie Dining

Hilton Hotel Sydney – Glass Brasserie


Sydney Theatre Company – The Effect

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