Barney Cools – Poolside Etiquette

Nat Taubman must be the busiest guy in fashion, having launched LAPSE earlier in 2014, we are now seeing Barney Cools flood the market. Barney Cools is a more casual, more beach, more affordable younger brother of LAPSE, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less thought out or wearable. Where LAPSE is about intricate detailing and diversity in materials, Barney Cools is about comfort, cool and generally killing it.

New school surf. Boardies and tees for summer, warmer stuff for winter. Shirts and pants when someone says you can’t wear boardies

Poolside Etiquette 1 is the first Barney Cools collection and it’s all about the tees, jogger pants, boardies and headwear. Fabrics and fit are bang on, and I’ve literally been living in the gear that Nat sent here to TVG. Like the surf industry used to do, it’s highly branded, everything has ‘cools’ stamped on it somewhere, it’s instantly recognisable and a purposeful design choice by Taubman – you want people to know when you’re wearing Barney Cools. Check out the online store, and the full collection below.




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