Banksy Caught on Camera?

Banksy’s incredible rise to fame over the past decade can be attributed to a few main factors; his satirical and politically charged artworks, the fleeting chances he gives to the public to acquire his works and the fact that the public still doesn’t know who Banksy is.

With ‘The Art of Banksy’ set to open soon in the Arena Mall in Hertsliya, Israel, a local woman has claimed to have taken footage of the artist preparing for the exhibition. Reports claim the mall was closed to the public before 10 A.M., yet the woman, who has asked to not be named, entered the grounds. A security guard approached and asked her to sign her name on a form under a British man’s name. When she enquired as to who it was, the security guard said an English artist. Intrugiued, she proceeds to film the encounter on her mobile phone.

The Banksy caught video shows a man wearing a hat and camouflage pants working against a wall before stepping back with a stencil in hand. When he becomes aware of the camera he moves out of the shot and holds his hand up to block his face.

Fascinating, yes. Real, who knows.

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