The Bachelorette Wardrobe Portrays Australian Men As Clueless Kooks

Don’t worry, the irony of this article appearing in our ‘Style’ category hasn’t been lost on me. I just had to share some thoughts on the styling choices for the 2017 Bachelorette cast, because it’s an abomination.

Who, may I ask, is dressing these people?

And how on earth is Sophie Monk meant to take this crew of flogs seriously in outfits that look like they were partially sourced from the local Roger David outlet and the rest straight off the movie set of The Greatest Showman?

Old mate Jourdan shed a tear over a former girlfriend accusing him of cheating on her; I’m beyond tears with this representation of how Australian men dress. I don’t even recall this many conflicting dress codes at my year ten formal when we were fifteen and dressed in whatever our father’s had discarded from their sartorial heydey.

In the past, I’ve been vocal about Pete and Manu’s woeful wardrobe on MKR, but this season of the Bachelorette looks like Carson Kressley, and the ‘Dapper’ bloggers dropped acid and hit YD with a $1000 gift certificate to dress the whole cast.

I get it; they’re trying to establish wardrobes that reflect the personality of the various cast members, but surely they could do it with jackets that fit across the shoulders, suitably altered trouser legs, and ties that were properly done up. I mean aren’t we trying to find Sophie’s Prince Charming?

Obviously, I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Perhaps it’s the producer’s wish to make these 18 men appear clueless when it comes to dressing for an occasion where first impressions are of the utmost importance.

Instead of farcical suiting that presents a jungle of kooks to the Australian viewing public, who in turn, instantly pass the show off as a joke, the Bachelorette audience, including the men watching it with their significant others, would have been pleasantly surprised, and dare I say inspired, to see a cast of immaculately dressed men fitted by local Australian MTM ateliers. At the very least in some suits that fit.

I mean they could have got 18 made to measure operations from around the country (maybe in the state the contestant was from – brilliant) to design and fit a suit for each candidate to meet Sophie in on the opening night. Each atelier would have portrayed the style of the cast member they had fitted in a manner that positively influenced Australian men’s style – not deter from it. Furthermore, each of the brands dressing the Bachelorette cast probably would have shared the entire process and given the show exposure amongst a target demographic that hadn’t even considered watching it.

Seriously though, Channel 10 and commercial TV, in general, need to employ some stylists with somewhat of a clue, and stop telling women this is how Australian males dress, it’s embarrassing.

Don’t even get me started on this jacket, this poor bloke’s campaign was over before it even started.

Bachelorette Anti Style

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