Baan Hinta Koh Samui: Top-Tier Waterfront Luxury

You don’t need me to tell you about the intense natural beauty of Thailand. But the best way to enjoy it? Probably on the back of jet ski, in the watery backyard of Baan Hinta. Currently on sale for a cool $4,824,000AUD, the luxurious property is a gorgeous ode to Thailand’s gorgeous flora, combining superb architectural design with the surrounding nature to create a unique villa among many.

The property gets its name from a nearby tourist site, Hinta Hinya in Koh Samui. But do not fear, for the privacy of Baan Hinta is second to none. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a lie, due to the sheer openness of the home’s vast rooms and glass windows. However, the surrounding dense green forestry offers as a barrier for any would-be onlookers.

What good waterside villa would be complete without an infinity pool? Certainly not this one. A few lazy cocktails under that yellow Asian sunset sounds like the dream to me.

Extraordinary views come standard to luxury villas in Thailand. South-East Asia has the perfect climate for a never-ending summer. When one imagines a holiday or vacation, they think blue water and white sand. Well, Baan Hinta’s surrounds epitomise that mental picture.

Once all the fun and relaxation has been soaked up from the home’s surrounding, it’s time to head indoors. The interior of Baan Hinta is just as jaw-dropping as its exterior.

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With 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, no one will be without relaxation and satisfaction. Interior designers have utilised a mostly timber theme to blend with the tropical theme, as well as strong whites to emphasise the purity of a good getaway. It may also be a coincidence that the walls and sheets match the sand on the private beach outside the doorstep.

Once all the pina colada’s have been drunk, and the jet ski’s out of fuel, it’s time to rinse off in the rocky fortress that is the master bathroom. The presence of rocks and boulders is an uncommon one but combines to give a feeling of grounding as well as reiterating the fact that this house is truly part of nature.

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