Tips to Battle Thinning Hair

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Daily Washing:
Men are notorious for not washing their hair regularly enough. Well gents, a daily wash should be a top priority. The Invati Men™ Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo nourishes hair as it cleanses the hair and scalp. The formula contains wintergreen-derived salicylic acid which gently, yet effectively exfoliates the scalp by removing build-up and excess sebum which can clog pores.

The process of washing your hair is as important as the cleaning itself. This gives you the chance to massage the product over the scalp, stimulating blood flow.

Go Easy on your hair:
Aggressive towel drying and exposure to heat can cause fragility, hair breakage and loss.

Lose the Hat: 
Hats promote sweating, and sweating can promote clogging of pores. Hats can also increase the friction on your hair and may make it more tempting to skip washing (and massaging) your scalp and hair.

Work It and Leave It:
Leave-in revitalisation serums give you another reason to massage the scalp while helping the hair look thicker.  Massage can also, promote relaxation and help reduce feelings of stress. The
Invati Men™ Scalp Revitalizer serum, is an easy to use, once daily option that invigorates the scalp and helps increase micro-circulation when massaged in.  Anyone can fit that into their routine.

As someone who’s As someone who’s ready to be proactive, I think the one two punch from Aveda’s new Invati Men™ Exfoliating Shampoo and Scalp Revitalizer make for a simple, daily, natural solution to getting on top of thinning hair. I’ve been using the Aveda range for 5 weeks now and am finding the daily application an easy addition to my morning routine.

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Tips for battling thinning hair



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