Autodromo Group B Evoluzione

You probably haven’t heard of Autodromo, a watchmaker that creates something unique, verging on seldom. I welcome the uncommon, as long as it doesn’t compromise the look, and this is something you can seriously be proud of – the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione.

Autodromo has been on TVGs radar for a while now, featured in 10 Great Men’s Watches Under $1000, then seen again, Autodromo Group B Rally Watch. When the limited edition (1 of 200) Autodromo Group B Evoluzione arrived, I got a call from James (TVG Editor) immediately. He was on a seaplane with some Instagram models but still showed enough excitement to ask about the watch; it’s that intriguing.

Bradley Price, the founder and creative mind behind Autodromo, draws inspiration from the golden age of motor racing. A contemporary take on a mid-century vintage look. Price and his team have built on the design of the Autodromo Group B, developing something that stands out amongst its competitors. Each aspect of the Evoluzione relates back to the Group B era of racing.

Looking at the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione, you know it’s not an average watch. The 42mm case is made of two parts. First, a titanium section that holds the Miyota 9015 automatic 24 jewel mechanical movement, dial, and hands. Then, a CNC-machined aluminium mid case. This creates a modular watch, having an ability to swap out sections if needed. A change in materials from the original Group B has seen an increase in size and overall aesthetic although it wears rather intrusively. A new aerospace aluminium case creates a noteworthy feel with its barrel shape. It’s designed with a bold machine-tooled finish that adds more personality and stature to a watch already bubbling with said traits. The stamped crown blends into the case as it doubles as a crown guard.

Minor changes to the dial, we see the same design with new colours. Originally black, the Evoluzione dial continues the silver theme, with an option of blue or yellow markers and hands. A sunken track houses the markers, with a black chapter ring dividing dial and case. You don’t often see a dial the same colour as a case; it throws you off at first. However, the longer you look at the watch, the less you can look away. It gets better, and that can’t be said about other non-blue chip watch brands made at this current time.

Accompanying the watch are four different nylon straps. Yes, you get all four. Each one representative of a Group B rally team, you can picture the vibrant colours on the cars. The straps see an equal level of attention to detail as the actual watch, seen in the word Autodromo carved into the buckle. These straps affix even more character to the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione.

It almost sounds like there is too much going on, but that’s not the case. A watch that sounds large and bulky but wears a lot smaller and more subtle than you would assume. In fact, even though it’s larger than the original Group B it’s lighter and only 9mm thick. On the wrist, the prominent lines and textures feel agreeable. At $1100 USD you’re getting a special watch, in fact, you’ve never worn a watch like it.

Head to Autodromo to check out the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione.

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