Four Australian Whiskies That Offer Great Value For Money

In my recent article about buying Japanese whisky in Australia, I touched on the absurd costs we pay locally, unfortunately, the same goes for Australian whiskies. Generally, us Aussies often have to pay overs for being patriotic or maybe we’re too patriotic and the price simply goes up based on supply and demand. Either way, it got me thinking about what Australian Whiskies represent the best value for money in our local market.

This past month I have been hunting down and trying Australian whisky (tough job but someone has to do it) to see what represents excellent value. For this exercise, I have decided to eliminate whiskies such as the Sullivan’s Cove French Oak and Overeem cask strength bottlings based on their price. These are undoubtedly great whiskies but not everyone can afford to splurge $400+ on a bottle.

So lets get stuck into it – here are four Australian whiskies that offer great value, in no particular order.

Hellyers road australian whisky

Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Cask Finish

This is essentially Hellyers Road’s original 10 year old whisky that has been finished off in ex-French pinot noir casks. It truly harnesses wine notes to deliver a drop that’s unique with fantastic fruity flavours. This goes for anywhere between $85-$90, at this price you just cannot go wrong.

Starward Australian whisky

Starward Wine Cask

Exclusively aged in casks holding quality Australian red wine this drop is a clear stand out as value for money at around the $80-$85 mark and was a clear favourite at TVG’s Paper Plates event. There are some strong spice note emanating which is balanced well with toffee, honey notes and tannic note on the finish to represent the wine cask.


Timboon Port Expression

This is probably the standout of the bunch. Aged for only three years but delivers character beyond its age. Wonderful caramel, dark chocolate and fruity notes which is bottled at 44% abv. Though these are single cask expressions as such notes vary slightly. At $150-$160 it is great value, albeit a tad light on the 500ml side.

Overeem Sherry Cask

Overeem Sherry Cask

Easily the most expensive whisky on this list but I just couldn’t leave it off the list. A intense whisky that delivers excellent sweetness. Chocolatey with passing hints of bubble gum which balanced well by cinnamon notes. This will set you back approximately $250.

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