Australia Post opens first US office to give Australians a US shipping address

Good news for online shoppers in Australia who are sick of dealing with US retailers that require a ‘US address’ and the price and hassle that follow. Australia Post has now eliminated this annoying issue.

The postal service has set up a warehouse in Oregon to give Australian consumers a US address. Using Australia Post’s ShopMate service, launched last week, subscribers can have their parcels sent to their ‘US address’ before they’re forwarded to their Australian address. The service will cut the annoying price difference suffered by Australian consumers. It also means Australians won’t have to wait any longer than Americans for products that haven’t yet hit local stores. ShopMate isn’t the only service for this in Australia, but it’s the first that won’t rely on costly international couriers. Australia Post charges a base rate of $24.95 a parcel, with a weight rate of $5.95 per 500 grams.



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