Australia Opens First Hangover Clinic in Sydney

We can’t drink whisky after midnight, but we can pay to have a hangover cured – fascinating stuff. 

Sydney siders can now pay to cure a crippling festive session hangover at Australia’s first Hangover Clinic. The service offers intravenous drips, painkillers and vitamins to relieve headaches and nausea. The clinic’s three main packages, dubbed the “Jump Start”, “Energise” and “Resurrection”, range in price from $140-$200 and promise to help customers “jump start your engines, perform your best and tackle the post-party blues.” The website has also highlighted ‘life hangovers’ as an issue they’ll happily remedy, such as the flu, jet lag, sports/exercise fatigue, and general exhaustion.

Naturally the clinic is copping a bollocking from health professionals all over the country, saying that it promotes binge drinking. Either way, I’m sure every single person reading this article, can recall a host of times this service would have come in handy this year alone!

To view the remedies and book an appointment head to their website.

Via 9 News


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