Aussie John Symond to break Australian housing record with sale of mansion

Aussie Homes Loans John Symond is set to break the Australian housing record with the sale of his Point Piper mansion, expected to sell for $100 million.

Purchasing just the land in 1999 for over $10 million, then spending another $50 million on the construction, Symond has recently put the home on the market, projected to be the first home in Australia to reach nine figures. Previously, the sale of James Packers $70 million Vaucluse mansion held the record in Australia. The home boasts features such as two swimming pools, gymnasium, expansive library, home theatre, staff quarters, private chambers, and an unjustifiable 24 bathrooms.

It’s said that Symond and wife, Amber McDonald are heading overseas to England, expected to spend time between London and the 240 ft. mega yacht Symond is currently having built in the south of France.

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