Audi A7 Drives Itself from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas

Audi headed to CES (one of the world’s biggest events for electronics and technology) at Las Vegas this weekend in unassisted style with their piloted concept car driving itself 900km from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas.


The Audi A7, that has been affectionately been named ‘Jack’ by the development team, can initiate lane changes and passing manoeuvres and can accelerate and brake independently. Before initiating a lane change to the left or the right, the vehicle adapts its speed to surrounding vehicles. If the speed and distance calculation is deemed safe, the vehicle initiates the lane change with precision and in a timely manner.


Jack uses a combination of radar sensors in different positions of the car, two laser scanners, a 3D camera in the front of the vehicle, and four more cameras on the side while navigation data is used for basic vehicle orientation. For this piloted drive a team of journalists and car experts were invited to take part with each journalist travelling about 100 miles (180 km) while sitting in the driver’s seat whilst a professional test driver sat in the passenger seat just in case!



James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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