Aston Martin to Bond with AMG?

Last year, Aston Martin announced a technical tie-up with AMG, Mercedes’ performance division. This of course, was a good thing because it meant the British marque could finally phase out its Land Rover derived V8 and the venerable V12 created by siamesing two Ford V6s together.

Instead was a future that no enthusiast could fault with hand-built twin-turbo V8s and V12s shoehorned into elegant aluminium bodies, ideally with a bit of AMG chassis know how added to the mix to keep them shiny side up through the bends.

Well, if rumours are correct, the 5% stake Mercedes received in return may have been an overture to full ownership. Perhaps Mercedes is just feeling left out of the tea and crumpets party after VW and BMW took ownership of Rolls-Royce and Bentley respectively. Those deals turned out to be the saviours of both luxury brands although let’s hope Mercedes doesn’t decide to resurrect the baby-scaringly ugly Lagonda SUV concept on a GL platform.

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