Apple Airpods Are the Best Earbuds on the Market

With each new iPhone release, Apple is renowned for breaking long-time product devotees’ hearts with constant change to their product. Perhaps most notoriously, the iPhone 7 insisted users utilised the same entry point for both the charger and the headphones. The Lightning port was being forced upon us, whether we liked it or not – despite the headphones fitting into no other product, Apple or otherwise.

Apple iPhone and Airpods

With iPhone 8, Apple continued their renowned innovation streak, emphasising one major feature: wireless everything. Wires, for the iPhone, were a thing of yesteryear. Wireless charging was at the forefront of the marketing push, however, all were keen to sample Apple’s attempt at the wireless earbud. And to the pleasant surprise of many, this attempt is a successful one.

Although all modern iPhones come stock-standard with the now traditional wired Lightning earphone, the emphasis on the wireless Airpods is obvious. Despite being a year late to the flooded wireless headphone market, the Airpods are a critic favourite, whether they are pro-Apple or otherwise. Here are some things I found with my Airpods.

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Apple Airpods Waterproof


  • Easy to use, solid connection. Once the initial pairing is established, simply removing the product from the case will connect Airpods to the Apple product of your choice.
  • Long battery life. Roughly 4-6 hours each use, but the charging case will keep them operating for days.
  • Intricate and clear sound. Base, treble, everything in between is delivered smoothly. Hip-hop heads and classical connoisseurs alike will appreciate this quality.
  • Generous price compared to competitors. $159 USD compared to the usual average of about $200 USD.

Not Cool

  • Lacks any production focus on noise cancellation. Won’t excel in busy areas.
  • Doesn’t come standard with any iPhone purchase. Must buy as a single product.
  • As is common with Apple’s audio products, Airpods may simply not fit users ears well.


  • Generic Apple design. Many enjoy the plain white of Apple’s headphone products but it can certainly become monotonous, especially after decades on the audio market.
  • Works with other brand’s products (such as Android) but shines with other Apple offerings. A cunning marketing ploy, perhaps?

Apple has certainly landed on a winner here. Like most of their products, Apple wasn’t first on the market with earbuds, but they just get it right. Their recognisable brand propels their profits forward (recently becoming the first trillion-dollar US company) and their trusted, quality products keep customers loyal.

Apple Airpods

Like you, I’m renowned for losing my headphones. There’s always another pair around somewhere, right? But I’m keeping a keen eye on my Airpods. Despite being initially disappointed that they did not come with all iPhone 8 or iPhone X purchases, the Apple Airpods are a winning product on their own, and a promising sign of a bright Apple future.


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