Apple Watch Series 3: A New-Age Watch For A New-Age Man

Apple announced the latest in its line of Watch wear yesterday with the Apple Watch Series 3 dropping onto the shelves and wrists of Australians later this month. And is it enough to make you think twice about ditching your classic timepiece?

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple launched the start of their line of wrist wear in 2015, touting health and fitness tracking, seamless iPhone integration and a slew of customisable aesthetics as it’s main drawcards. Now into its third generation, Apple has taken further steps forward in a bid to entice us hard-working Aussies into parting with our cash. But could it be the simple addition of a tap on the wrist that provides the strongest attraction to us gentlemen.

What’s the hype?

It took me a full year to convince myself that my relationship with Siri had moved beyond the friendship stage and I needed her secured to my bare skin 24/7. The attraction lay in the imaginable detachment I may find with this generations feverish obsession with screens. Sounds slightly paradoxical doesn’t it, to add another screen? My rationale checked out though. I figured if I allowed my Apple Watch to prompt me with only important notifications and supply only the data I deemed most important or vital, I’d spend less time on my iPhone. An iPhone which, invariably drew me into wasted time the moment I jumped back to my home screen.

Apple Watch Series 3

So I braved the happy chaps of the Apple Store, configured my Watch Series 2 to provide me with a gentle tap for that day’s calendar events, new mail from ‘non-spam’ email address and messages and calls from close friends and family. And it works! No longer do I check my inbox on my iPhone only to find myself half an hour later knee deep in an Instagram #silkties binge. I’ve said goodbye to replying to an iMessage only to ‘just quickly’ check the box score of the Atlanta Hawks summer league game. I’ve become more attentive to my day-to-day activities, being less distracted and present; more productive at work and overall less focussed on those ‘non-essentials’. 

What’s new?

LTE Mobile Service: The crown addition to this generation of Watch is the inclusion of an LTE digital sim, meaning you no longer need to have your iPhone device within Bluetooth range. Why is this cool? Well it means whilst you’re out cycling you can pickup that call from your mother-in-law, or, ignore it and continue streaming your Apple Music.

New Bands: Apple continues its partnership with reputable fashion watchmaker Hermes to deliver spiffy new bands so that you can look flash on the street, in the office or at the bar. They also continue to partner with Nike to offer a fitness-focussed version.

Altimeter: Apple’s fancy way of tracking your altitude. Great for hiking trips or ski holidays.

The Usual: The Apple Watch Series 3 also upgrades the usual suspects. Faster processing, more robust waterproofing, brighter display among other things.

The Verdict

Whether you elect to go with the LTE cellular model or standard version of the Apple Watch Series 3, you’re getting a piece of gear that can have a really positive effect on your life. Get yourself outdoors and away from screens to fully appreciate it’s simplistic and unassuming nature.

For more info or to purchase the Apple Watch Series 3 head to the Apple website

Wristshot images from Engadget’s Hands On Review.

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