ANNEX AW16 Collection

ANNEX AW16 collection continues to deliver on their simple yet unique aesthetic. Best described by the brand themselves, they’ve created a “collection composing of urban silhouettes with our signature design philosophy. Maintaining our mantra of deep moody tones and premium fabrications the range incorporates texture with a series of contrasting monochrome pieces neatly complementing the cleaner approach of the rest of the collection.”

In TVG terms, ANNEX provides the fashion focused consumer with a myriad of staple design pieces with enough edge to set you apart from the guy next to you. The simplicity in their clothing is purely visual, as when examined more closely you’ll find nothing but high quality, thoughtfully (and locally) constructed garments, with highly considered design details. As ANNEX bring all their denim, footwear and accessories in house it’s a very exciting time for the brand, and a journey we’ll be following very closely. Enjoy the collection below, and get to their stores to purchase.

Annex5 Annex13 Annex2 Annex1 Annex10 Annex3 Annex4 Annex7 Annex11 Annex8 Annex9

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