Andrew Watts: It’s All About the Approach

The nation’s capital has delivered its far share of budding designers with the likes of Henry Wilson and Henry Pilcher, and more recently a young fellow named Andrew Watts. His chair ‘It’s all about the approach’ was our favourite item at Indesign’s recent ‘Launchpad’ competition, not just because it breaks the conventions of arm chair design but because I could actually see myself buying it. Watts’ chair was selected as one of 11 finalists from 152 entries and won the runner’s up prize in the yearly competition designed to give young designers the financial boost to help manufacture their designs.



The prototype chair combines a cradle-like seat of thermo-molded plastic fitted with felt upholstery and a simple frame of European oak which protrudes through the chair’s plastic shell combining the legs and arms into one cohesive structure. We touched base with ‘Wattsy’ shortly after the competition, keen to discuss the future for the Approach chair. “At the moment I’m looking for the right partner to manufacture it on a commercial scale”, he said. “I’ve had a bunch of emails from around the world requesting the chair for new offices at Twitter ¬†and designer homes, it’s all a little surreal”.

Andrew is planning on spending the remainder of the year refining his chair and working on a host of new designs via his collaboration project Studio Black Navy with fellow designer Bernard Benny. We’re desperate to see the ‘Approach’ chair manufactured because we want one for our office – we’re confident it will be and confident we’ll see a lot more of Mr Watts in the future.




James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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