Mercedes-AMG Set To Revive Big Baller ’73’ Badge

Forget ’63’ and ’65’, if you were a real hitter in the 1990s you sported the numbers ’73’ at the rear of your MB.

The car was the SL73, and they’re rarer than rare, with only 85 made between 1999 and 2001 and 50 rumoured to have gone directly to the Sultan of Brunei. The SL73 which went on to inspire the SL65 was powered by the Mercedes-Benz M120 7.3 litre V12, producing 525hp (391kW) the engine which went on to power the Pagani Zonda (in case you always wondered!).


Last month rumours circulated that AMG planned to eclipse their current 63 and 65 models with the launch of an SL73 version of the next-gen SL, powered by a V8 hybrid setup potentially delivering 805 horsepower instead of the famous V12. Reports from Motor1 has discovered Mercedes-Benz has, in fact, filed trademarks with the European Union Patent and Trademark Office, which point to more than just a SL73 in the revived 73 series.

SL73 Engine

The trademark filings include ‘G73’, ‘GLS73’ and ‘S73’, hinting at hot versions of the S-Class, G-Class and GLS. There were also trademark filings that indicate 40 and 50 series models are on the way for AMG’s smaller cars. Curiously there was no “SL73,” but then again it’s likely Mercedes already has the trademark reserved.

Via: Motor Authority


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