Amazing Vietnam Villas

These amazing Vietnam villas are located in Mui Ne, a seaside holiday destination along the countries south east coast. The small real estate development designed by MM++ Architects consists of 3 units: Two 3 bedrooms villas, and one 4 bedrooms villa, each with a private 10mX3m swimming pool.

On the ground floor the kitchen, dining and living room are merged in one single space mono-oriented to the beach front while the back has been designed with a patio open to the sky to bring sunlight and natural ventilation creating a ambient entrance and staircase with the pond and the interior tropical garden. The master bedrooms open onto the infinity swimming pool. In the back, each bathroom opens onto a private garden with Jacuzzi and surrounding garden, bringing light, ventilation and strong outdoor/indoor connection.

On the first floor, all bedrooms have a large ocean view with floor to ceiling windows, with doors opening onto the flat roof below which has been transformed into a huge timber decking terrace, extending possibilities to contemplate the ocean. To ensure the villas were private whilst remaining absolutely beachfront the construction was raised to 1.8 to maximise the sea view and prevent from site erosion.

The collection of photos below by Hiroyuki OKI are epic. This is no doubt one of the most serene and truly relaxing holiday developments we’ve seen in a long time.

Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-1 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-2 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-3 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-5 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-6 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-7 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-8 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-7 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-8 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-9-villas-mm-architects_00portada-1000x666 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-11 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-12-villas-mm-architects_014-666x1000 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-13 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-14-villas-mm-architects_027-1000x666 Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-15Hiroyuki-OKI-oceanique-villas-mm-architects-the-versatile-gent-10-villas-mm-architects_005-1000x666

Sourc: Arch Daily


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