Amazing Sunken Office in the Forest

Nestled in the ground of a leafy neighbourhood in Madrid, Spanish architecture firm Selgas Cano have designed and built this amazing sunken office in the forest for their team. The unique office gives employees a bug’s eye view of the colourful forest floor allowing them to draw peace and inspiration from the environment around them. The streamlined space is encapsulated by a curving glass wall that acts as both a wall and a skylight providing gorgeous views of the surrounding forest while eliminating the need for extensive artificial lighting during the day.

Half of the building is submerged into the earth which provides an excellent degree of insulation during Madrid’s hot summers with no need for air conditioning, A stone staircase leads down into the office, which has sturdy lower walls of brick. Shared desks line the bunker, which glows with spherical lanterns and desk lamps when illuminated at night.

A truly unique and magical office space!

outdoor-office-1 outdoor-office-3 outdoor-office-4 outdoor-office-5 outdoor-office-6

Source: Inhabitat Photographs: Iwan Baan.


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