Airbus Announces Private Sleeping Compartments For Plane Cargo Hold

Sleeping on buses, trains and ships, in basic cabins or bunks, has been available for decades, for a relatively affordable additional fee, but has yet to be trialled in the air for passengers, despite existing for pilots and everyone who has ever flown Economy dreaming of it.

Airbus Private Sleeping Compartments

Fortunately, A380 manufacturer Airbus is partnering with Zodiac Aerospace to develop new private sleeping compartments for passengers that would fit in the cargo hold of its planes, finally offering a simple solution for resting on long-haul flights.

The designs from Airbus and Zodiac utilise unused space in the cargo hold by adding removable modules that come in the form of sleeping compartments, lounges, medical care areas, conference rooms and kids areas.

Airbus Cargo Compartments

“This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort,” Geoff Pinner, head of Airbus’ cabin and cargo program says. “We have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on our first mock-ups.”

Just last month, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce revealed the airline was looking at the possibility of installing bunks in the cargo holds for their new long-haul routes, and while those routes are currently serviced by a Boeing product, you can be sure as A380 and A330 customers, Qantas was one of the airlines to provide feedback.

Airbus said in its announcement that the option would be available for its A330 planes by 2020 and was also looking into developing the beds for its new A350 XWB jets..

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