Agape Bathrooms

Agape Bathrooms

Last year I was living in North West London and working in Notting Hill. On rainy days when I couldn’t ride my skateboard to work, I would catch the bus and walk past a store that sold bathroom products and one particular product showcased in the window fascinated me, the bath above.

Trawling through Tumblr a few days ago I found shot, of another excellent bath and clicked through to the website and found the phantom bath from the store in Notting Hill and subsequently a whole range of bathrooms full of products by Agape.

You’ll come to realise that TVG takes bathrooms and most importantly showers, very seriously. Outdoor showers are our bread and butter. TVG believes man exists to shower in a secluded outdoor paradise amongst the elements.

This particular Italian brand’s products impressed us immensely, especially the shower below – we’ve been staring at it for hours.

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