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Craig from Watch This Space dives into a review of the Aether by Benzinger. The collaboration between Aether Watch Co. and Jochen Benzinger resulted in only 25 units made world wide and Craig and his trusty photographer Christopher Morrison were lucky enough to get their hands on one. Enjoy. 

“Æther (aithēr) was to the ancient Greeks the fifth element, the “pure, fresh air” where the gods were thought to live and breathe. In Greek mythology, Æther was personified as a primordial deity, the son of Chronos, Father Time. Like the ancient Greeks, we feel that it is a place where beautiful things are created – today we welcome you to the re-birth of Æther”


Aether Watch Co. are an American brand that draws inspiration from the traditions of the Swiss, German and American Masters to apply their aesthetic ideals to their timepieces to create what could only be described as works of art. Originally the owners began making watch straps (Stone Creek Straps) but their love of watches drew them towards starting a small watch company. The founder Brad McLaughlin put it perfectly when we spoke to him a little while ago, “We make watches for people that appreciate the details – our cases and dials are made in Germany, while our hands and movements are Swiss, coupled with bespoke straps made to a very high standard”. With this piece they teamed up with Jochen Benzinger to make a movement that is quite exquisite.

aether7 (1)

The watch is quite plain and not at all in a bad way. It makes for a very smart dress watch. The case is 42mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The dial is a matte black with a small seconds dial at six o’clock. The timepiece also comes with one of their bespoke handmade straps just to top it off. Its not until you turn the watch over to reveal the movement and really what all the punters have come to see. If it didn’t make me look like a mad man I would walk around with the movement showing instead of the dial.


The movement is a mechanical movement that is a 17-jewel hand-winding caliber. It has a sapphire case back so that you can see all of the hard work that has gone into the design. In particular, the hand engraved rose gold plated balance bar with a screw weighted balance wheel. The watch also has a 46-hour power reserve and is water resistant to 5ATM.


Moving slightly away from the watch we noticed that the team at Aether spares no expense when it comes to detail. The watch came with amazing packaging as you can see below, as well as a hand written and wax sealed letter from the owner himself. All of these things plus the quality of the watch just add to the experience when you are purchasing a timepiece and all add up to being something you will never forget.


I have been looking forward to getting this on my wrist for a long time and it traveled a long way to get to me and I was in no way disappointed with what I received. Many of you would think spending close to $4000 on a little known brand is a lot of money. I’ve always said to everyone that I would rather buy a watch that I can appreciate and one that only other watch lovers will recognise rather than one from the well-known watch brands.


To see all of the Aether range on their website or check out their Instagram at @aetherwatches.

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All photos are taken by Christopher Morrison.
Insta: @_christopher_morrison

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