Activated Charcoal Benefits – Your New Skincare Saviour

Charcoal is a diverse and odd substance. It cooks our sausages, gives an added layer of smokiness to our whisky, and has been the agent for many great art pieces throughout history, and even included in ice cream. But a fairly recent yet surging trend is the use of charcoal in skincare, specifically, activated charcoal benefits in products for men’s skin.

Traditionally, masculinity and skincare are like cats and dogs – they just don’t play together. 20th Century notions of manhood saw a man’s decaying face matter as part of ageing and an essential step towards manliness. We’ve all been guilty of this unwarranted adverseness to taking care of our skin. Rub white cream enriched with vitamins and natural oils over my face twice a day? No thanks.

Thankfully, activated charcoal helps remove lingering teenage acne and prolong significant ageing. And it’s not just selling because it’s different. It’s selling because it works.

Activated Charcoal Benefits

Now don’t go grabbing chunks of charcoal out of the barbecue just yet; what we’re going for is activated charcoal. This form of the substance is like a sponge to grease, oil, and dirt, ‘adsorbing’ all the gunk that wreaks havoc on our skin. Adsorbing might be a new word in your vocabulary but it’s essential to the activated charcoal process.

Adsorbing – in contrast with absorbing – is the binding of molecules to a solid object (in this case, the charcoal) as opposed to the binding of molecules to a liquid. In this way, activated charcoal picks up all the dirty bits and pieces your girlfriend’s hand-me-down lotion might miss.

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The Good Stuff

You won’t have an issue finding activated charcoal wash in most supermarkets, as its popularity in the market continues to soar. However, if you want the premium experience, here are four worthy additions to your bathroom cabinet.

Clinique For Men Charcoal Face Wash

The minimum essential to beginning your charcoal journey. An easy on-off shower face wash that boasts guaranteed results.

Hunter Cleansing StickHunter Cleansing StickHunter’s hard-working cleanser balm utilises charcoal to cleanse, green tea to help protect skin and argan, sesame, almond and coconut oils to clean, soften and nourish skin.

Tom Ford For Men Intensive Purifying Mud Mask 

At $100, this Tom Ford product may not be an easy investment to make to start with. But start with one bottle and you’re sure to see and feel the difference. This charcoal and clay combination will adsorb all the unwelcome particles crowding your face.

BLACK Activated Charcoal Beard Wash 

For all you bearded fellas out there, activated charcoal benefits extend to your face-rug via this activated beard wash. The charcoal’s renowned ability to go in deep and clean heavy will get keep your hair and skin hidden beneath it soft and supple.


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