Accessories by Heywood 1922

We reached out to Heywood 1922 about six months ago after purchasing some of his products from a small menswear store in Adelaide. We got in contact shortly after our return to Sydney and Blake sent us over a huge care package and ever since we’ve been sporting his colourful range of bow ties, ties and pocket squares featuring ‘#Heywood’ in many an Instagram post. Blake seems to be switched right on and knows exactly how to get his brand in front of his target market for free: buy supplying product to bloggers.

We had such a hard time photographing his range because it was never together, between Tom and I, our housemates and friends, the Heywood winter collection was an undeniable hit and due to it’s popularity arguments over who got to wear what and when often ensued.

We love supporting up and coming Australian brands and we’re glad to inform you that Blake is launching his brand new Spring/Summer range online next week. We’ve got no idea what to expect but in true Heywood style be sure to expect a vibrant selection of colours, materials, textures and styles. We’ll be chatting with Blake about his inspirations behind the new collection in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can shop the current range (or what’s left of it) online here.

You can follow Heywood 1922 and the launch of their new Spring/Summer range via their Facebook page.

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