Aaron Cheung Gloves – Good Things in Relatively Compact Packages

One of the great litmus tests pertaining to menswear can best be described as longevity. In an industry that cribs more and more from fashion, brands can come screaming into the market and die whimpering overnight. With this in mind, I waited with curiosity, to see how Aaron Cheung’s new venture would fare in 2015. Safe to say, a groundswell of local support has provided one of Melbourne’s best dressed men with the inertia he needs to keep things moving. His products have been received with gusto by the city’s sartorially sensitive (from all camps of menswear) and months on, TVG reports.

Cheung’s latest venture – coincidentally, in the mould of another Melbournian menswear stalwart, Christian Kimber – has taken the form of a small startup selling specialty leather gloves. Cheung’s decision to establish himself with such a modest and directed offering is admirable, no doubt freeing him to focus on all the things that matter to menswear obsessives. With previous experience in the industry, Cheung’s goal was to provide a small selection of well curated accessories with an eye toward quality. 

All six styles currently available are manufactured in Hungary, with a good majority of those unlined. The latter detail manifests itself in beneficial ways. The gloves fit snug to the hand, snugger than any other brand of glove I have tried, and the absence of synthetic barriers between one’s fingers and the product itself provides for a more personalized fit over time. 

Each capsule of gloves is manufactured using a different source of leather. Currently, Cheung’s e-store offers peccary, carpincho, and lambskin. With deerskin styles to become available in the near future, detail obsessives will be able to select a glove that suits their frequency of wear and comfort. Although I have not had the pleasure of testing the hand on the carpincho or lambskin styles, the textured softness of the peccary gloves is exceptional. 

All in all, Aaron Cheung gloves represent a a promising foundation to future projects their namesake is interested in. Inspired by his (apparent) knowledge of classical continental menswear, these designs are uniformly wearable.  Small pops of colour, incorporated in metal hardware or clasps, are an effective way to add joir de vivre to fine leather goods without attendant peacocking. Yet another reason to look forward to the coming winter season. 

Shop the collection here.

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