A Weekend with the #TVGRS4U

A weekend away with a group of friends is always a recipe for a good time, it’s where stories are made, friendships grow and the workweek takes a massive back seat. However, throw in an Audi RS4 Avant and the weekend goes from a good time, to a completely unforgettable time.

On a pristine autumn weekend a few mates and myself threw our boards, an esky and an overnight bag into the RS4 and set off up the coast for a weekend of surfing and relaxing. Now before I get started I just want to make a quick note that unlike James, I’m not heavily into my cars – I appreciate and admire the design, the engineering and the technology of a beautiful sports car and my jaw drops as much as anyone’s when I see a Ferrari 458, but I can’t tell you much about specs or nitty gritty details.

That said, this is also why I’m the perfect person to be telling you about the Audi RS4 Avant, because you need not know much about cars to understand it’s a truly amazing machine, and is the most ridiculously practical 444bhp car on the market.


So with three surfboards, a passenger and a full tank we hit the Pacific Highway and set off of to the mid-north coast of NSW. Firstly, the interior is superb, with the Audi drive system making flicking between my phone, iPod and drive settings an absolute breeze. Splashes of carbon fiber fill the trimmings, while the external front grill pattern is beautifully replicated as leather detailing on the bucket sports seats. Through the traffic out of Sydney the car performs best in ‘comfort mode’, where the suspension becomes a little more forgiving and the gearbox tones it down just a bit. This makes for a smooth ride, but as my passenger would tell me, not as fun.

On the highway things get a little more interesting, and as I swap into Dynamic Mode we shift immediately from 3rd into 2nd and my head is pressed firmly to the back of the seat. We go from 60-100kmph in what feels like a second and the car makes a brutal sound that makes both of us smile from ear to ear. 

After 2 hours on the highway we make the all-important right turn towards Forster, down The Lakes Way Drive. For anyone who has driven this road, you’d understand why I got a little bit excited, as ahead lay 40kms of wonderfully winding terrain. This is where the true brilliance of the car began to shine. Taking tips from my Audi Drive Day just a few weeks earlier, I chose to leave the car in automatic mode, with the phrase “unless you’re a race driver, this car will change gears better than you can” ringing vividly in my ears. Motoring purists might think this an interesting choice, but it allowed me to get a great feeling for how well the car performed under breaks; as well it’s incredible cornering capabilities. 


Suffice to say my passenger was somewhere between excited, terrified and car sick by the time we made it to the house, but it was undeniable that the Audi RS4 Avant had seriously impressed us both – as we suspected it might. 

Beyond the performance and the reputation that the RS4 has developed as a sports car, it is also a seriously practice vehicle. For guys like myself who always seem to have a boot full of stuff from golf clubs to surfboards, the RS4 can cater for it all. Throughout the weekend we we’re constantly impressed with the car, it’s performance on the road, it’s versatility and it’s practicality – the perfect weekend away car.

Now, as some of you may know, TVG has worked closely with Audi over the last 6 months to bring together a unique collaboration where we are giving you the chance to WIN AN RS4 EXPERIENCE FOR A WEEKEND.

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