A Suit That Fits

Getting a suit that fits doesn’t always have to blow the bank. People contact us every week saying, ‘we love the site but can you talk about something a little bit more affordable’, well here goes.

Of course the best fitting suit money can buy is the one that is completely bespoke to your body, built from the ground up, but suits like this start at a minimum of around $1300 and it’s quite likely you don’t have that sort of money to splash on a suit. Most guys already have a suit, sure it might be an old one but more likely than not you’ll have one and if you don’t here’s some advice from TVG regardless.

For an event last week I wanted to wear a suit, I didn’t have time to go over to M.J. Bale and have a new suit fitted so I went through my wardrobe and pulled out an old one. After trying it on I considered binning it, times have changed so much with mens tailoring and to be frank my suit which had only been worn a handful of times looked sloppy and drastically behind the times and featured horrific details like the almost flared trouser leg which gets caught in the wind when you walk and wraps around your calf and of course, extra long jacket arms. After further consideration I decided the colour was fine and it had in fact aged well, to be fair it was essentially still new so I put it back on a hanger and took it down to the tailor to see what we could do.

I walked into the tailor and explained my issue. Tom, the tailor laughed as he opened the bag and withdrew my suit telling me that lots of ‘young’ men are coming in with similar issues. He ordered me to put the suit on and got to work instantly pinning and preparing. He narrowed the shoulders, narrowed the waist, shortened the jacket, shortened the arms, brought in and shortened the trousers and fixed the crutch and when he’d finished pinning everything I was wearing a brand new suit. “Big job”, Tom said when he’d finished pinning – I wondered how much it was going to cost, I suspected I wouldn’t be leaving with much change from $250-$300. “$160”, he said. I wasn’t prepared to argue or particularly care – I was essentially paying $160 for a brand new suit that I once considered throwing away.

A few days later when I went to pick it up I struggled to remember what it even looked like before. My once droopy and tragically unfashionable suit purchased years ago for a forgotten formal event was now a snug, trimmed and tailored suit that I was proud to put on. I realised then that I’d really opened my options to what I could potentially look for when buying a suit and it’s the same reason M.J. Bale ‘fit’ every suit that is purchased in their store because an ‘off the rack’ suit looks different on every single person. Whether you have an old suit or you’re looking to purchase one in a size that roughly fits your body take it to a tailor and have it altered, it’s money extremely well spent and I guarantee people will notice.

*If you are getting your trousers done, wear the shoes you are most like to wear with your suit so the trousers are hemmed accordingly.

I visited:

Tom Tailor
Shop 7, 105 Miller Street,
North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Here’s a number of other recommended alteration tailors in Sydney:

Looksmart Alterations 
Dymocks Building
Suite 15, Level 9 
428 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9223 0111

Lucy’s Alterations & Tailoring
Rm 709 Level 7, 45 Market St
Sydney, NSW
(02) 92618853

Leon Alteration & Tailoring Services
Level 3, Room 303 84 Pitt Street (Martin Place)
Sydney, NSW
(02) 92321812


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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