A quick sit in the Ferrari F12

After concluding our Maserati Quattroporte day at the Ferrari Maserati dealership in Waterloo I popped inside with Dan from Car Advice to take a look at the F12. Paul from Ferrari came over for a chat and decided he’d unlock it for us so we could have a closer look. The car below is currently on sale for $825,000, it features a number of options on top of the stock F12 including an extensive carbon fibre package and is one of only eight F12s in Australia.

In person this car is just extraordinary, every aspect of its styling is spot on and it only gets better under the hood. The entire engine bay is perfectly symmetrical – it’s a work of art. Climbing into the driver’s seat was particularly special, Paul tells us they profile potential customers before unlocking the doors in the dealership! “Only a few have sat in that car” he says, “if the seat gets scratched on my watch, I have to replace it”. I couldn’t tell you a lot more of what he said, I was in my own world, hands on the wheel, taking in the whole cockpit, imagining driving it like I was a 5 year old. Dan and I are quick to ask when the media car arrives, to which he replies, “there’s one downstairs, good luck getting your hands on it!”.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.





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