A Quick Look at Vintage Heuer

It’s pretty clear that I’m interested in vintage watches, I think it’s the notion of timelessness that really captures me, not just in design but manufacturing. It’s not just the amazing concept that a movement put together 60 odd years ago can still be functioning perfectly today, it’s about the tradition of watchmaking, being able to wear a watch containing a famous movement that has shaped history and promoted progression in the industry. A vintage Heuer fits that bill.

One particular brand that I’m truly in love with is Heuer. The company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer and his watches quickly became known for their high level of accuracy and workmanship. With their reputation for accuracy the company soon found its niche, precise timing for sporting events. It wasn’t for 50 years until the brand introduced wrist watches. In the 30’s they patented a waterproof case and introduced an automatic movement making steel Flieger chronographs for the German Air Force. In the 40’s they introduced their triple calendar chronographs (TVG favourite). Throughout the 50’s the brand produced watches for third parties or for it’s own brand under different a different name, it was certainly not a highlight in the brand’s history. The Carrera model was introduced in the early 60s and still remains their most famous line despite whether or not true Heuer enthusiast’s consider the brand of equal quality today.

I’ve had a cruise through the net this evening and picked a selection of fine vintage Heuers that envisage all the qualities I look for in a vintage watch. A lot of these you can find online for $3000 or less, some for less than $1000. Just some food for thought. Enjoy.

1958 Heuer Triple Date Chronograph featuring a Valjoux Cal. 72C, considered one of the pinnacles of chronograph watchmaking.

Late 1940’s Heuer Triple Date, an absolutely stunning timepiece.

1964 Heuer Carrera 45 with the Valjoux 92.

Circa 1950 Heuer Moon Phases and Triple Date.

Verona Heuer with Calibre 12 Automatic chronograph movement.

Valjoux 23 movement signed Ed Heuer and Co. SUPERB (via Classic Heuers)

Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco. His personally owned piece worn in his movie Le Mans recently sold at auction for almost $800,000.

Nice Chrono with Valjoux 77 for sale on Ebay.




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