A Mid-Winter Night’s Dram Act VI: Rye Whiskey for Shakespeare Lovers

Shakespeare has inspired much of what we consider to be culture. For starters, he expanded modern English in ways comparable to the Holy Bible. And now for the sixth year running, ye olde master bard will act as inspiration for High West Distillery’s A Mid-Winter Night’s Dram Act VI.

The whiskey is named after Shakespeare’s immortal A Midsummer’s Night Dream, a literary classic comedy with themes of love and fantasy. Based in Utah, the High West Distillery’s decision to name the drop so was no mistake. Although we whisk(e)y drinkers like to think of our art as serious business, drinking the fine liquor should still be the marker for warm and enjoyable times.

High West Distillery, Utah.

And that is exactly the image A Mid-Winter Night’s Dram Act VI is trying to procure as the northern hemisphere rockets towards the frosty holiday season. However, this doesn’t mean those south of the equator can’t enjoy the rye. For the last few years, High West Distillery has achieved a cult status with their Shakespearean offering by limiting availability well below demand. This demand is expected to increase as Act VI will be the first to be produced entirely at High West’s Utah Distillery. This is in contrast with previous releases that were contracted to various other distilleries to complete the ageing and production process.

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But a good whiskey cannot exist merely on its compelling narrative and production methods (though, these factors are an excellent foundation). Bottled at 98.6 proof and finished in French oak barrels, A Mid-Winter Night’s Dram Act VI smells like a dream – pecan, pinecone, cherry, and custard pie are the first notes to the nose. This makes for a richer and warmer preparation for the palate. This is appropriately followed by a taste of cedar, molasses, gingerbread, and chocolate. Very Christmas-y indeed. A robust finish of berries and a sweet ginger round out the sip and linger on the tongue for a wholesome rye.

A perfect gift for any whiskey-lover this Christmas or a year-round must-have for the literary types. As mentioned, bottles are considerably limited but can be acquired for the generous price of just $100 USD.

Check out the at High West’s website.


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