A Beer For Every Occasion

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While it may not be the most consumed beverage in the world, beer is certainly the world’s favourite. Beer is undoubtedly a drink for all occasions, and, when enjoyed in moderation, a delicious beverage to complement all lifestyles.

But, I hear what you’re yelling at your internet screen. Hey adaptable male author, are there really enough varieties of beer to fit ANY situation? Well, internet reader, simply put, the answer is yes. So, not wanting to rest on our laurels, we’re going to prove it. We’ve compiled a list of fantastic occasions in life that should be paired with a beer to make it a truly perfect moment.

Let’s start with a classic.

Your First Beer:
Take my hand comrade; let us venture into this world together. Your first step into the world of beer is, for most people, completely incidental. But, if you could plan it. If you could masterfully orchestrate that beautiful baptism, what beer would you savour first? My pick would be Little Creatures Pale Ale. It’s a straight drinking, straight shooter but still gives you all the delicate subtlety to entice you into the journey that is beer.

164_0000_lcpaSunday Roast:
The In-Laws have invited you over, and you’re fielding conversation while patiently waiting for the opportunity to sneak the coveted end piece of that juicy beef roast. This traditional English past times deserves a classic English style beer. We love White Rabbit Dark Ale, which has a sweet caramel and toffee sweetness that pairs beautifully with all things roast and the dessert that follows! It’s also surprisingly 99.9% sugar-free* (on average), and only 150 calories a bottle – meaning more room for seconds.


For the Mrs:
Beer doesn’t have a magic testosterone activated ingredient, but for whatever reason, the fairer sex doesn’t seem to get behind the nectar of the god’s quite as much as their brutish counterparts. Converting your better half into a believer requires a well thought out strategy. She’s not likely to be interested in a dark, full bodied beer because that implies it’s heavy, and words like ‘heavy’ and ‘full-bodied’ are not in her vernacular. Words like smooth and subtle are essential, as is a low bitterness level – the weather and time of day will also help! Kirin ticks all the boxes. Floral aromas, delicate characteristics, only 2.4% carbs and it comes in a slender bottle subconsciously adding the icing to your strategy cake.

The Traveller:

Going interstate in Australia is a great chance for you to drink like a local. If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Western Australia, look no further than Swan Draught, the undisputed king of easy drinking lagers. Like the river it’s named after, Swan Draught winds its way through the streets of Perth, adorning the taps of every authentic watering hole in the city. Swan Draught has a following as pure as the water that goes into it and is guaranteed to get you conversing with the saltiest of local sea dogs.


Friday Afternoon Drinks:
You’ve just stepped into the pub on a sunny Friday in search of the perfect beer to kick off the weekend. You want a robust beer that reflects the week you’ve had, but also one that complements the warm rays of the fading afternoon sun. Start your evening with The Chancer Golden Ale from James Squire. The perfect balance of aroma, body and drinkability, it’s not only refreshing but an applauded choice for the first round of the evening.

James Squire Chancer Ale

Welcoming a Foreigner:
Your long lost cousin from Sweden has arrived, and it’s time to give him a taste of Australia. While a controversial choice, it would be unAustralian not to consider the true blue Aussie icon Tooheys New but let’s choose something that embodies the real spirit of Australia – the great outdoors. Nothing says Australia like a cold Kosciuszko Pale Ale – a typically Australian style, crafted with Galaxy hops and brewed in the “highest brewery in Australia” in Jindabyne, NSW.


For the Wedding:
What could be better than a wedding beer? A celebration that lasts a lifetime. So you’ll need a beer that you can drink in moderation all day. I love Little Creatures Bright Ale because it’s super light and palatable with just 3.2% carbs, making it drinkable by itself, and with a variety of foods. The passion fruit and citrus aromas from the hops will keep it interesting throughout the day, and its freshness will keep you on the dance floor until the very end.


Winters Night In:
Many believe that beer must be set aside during winter while the red wine takes centre stage. Don’t get me wrong: we love a red, but the cold cannot beat beer. Reach for robust and bold flavours that can warm your cockles. Try a funky Leffe Brun. The subtle dark fruit flavours (called esters, for those playing at home) mix with the warming alcohol and the chewy body to make this fireside sipper a winter wonderland.


Fancy Restaurant:
I’ve been let down by many world class restaurants that had horrible beer lists: why is it an afterthought at said establishments? If you’re heading to a serious restaurant and want to bring a brew along, get a beer to match the occasion. Pop a bottle of Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace. The crisp pilsner malt playing of the spicy, zest like Sorachi Ace Hop gives it an almost sparkling crispness almost resembling Champagne. In fact, they combine Champagne yeast and Belgian Farmhouse yeast to brew it, which means you know it’s designed for a special occasion.

23_shelf_sorachi-bigbottle-lr_originalFollowing the boom of the craft brewing scene worldwide, customers have not just been presented with an abundance of fabulous new beers, they’ve become more educated about what goes into beer. The enthusiasts amongst you who enjoy the fact that the first seven beers listed above are on average 99.9% sugar-free and preservative-free.

More nutritional information about a handful of great Australian beers can be found at Beer The Beautiful Truth alongside some insight into the brewing process and the quality ingredients that make your favourite beer taste consistently top shelf.


James is the Founder and Editor of The Versatile Gent.

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