The Audi RS6-R Produces A Staggering 730BHP

One car I’m annoyed I missed earlier this year is the blistering 730HP ABT Audi RS6-R. When you read the stats 730 hp/537 kW, the last thing you picture is a family wagon but this is what I’ve always loved about the RS6 Avant – it’s so unassuming.

ABT’s model delivers on all the usual luxuries we’ve come to know from Audi but morphs it from a high-performance sports car into a refined gem. Limited to 25 units worldwide the tuner claims this ABT Audi RS6-R will do 320km/h and I’ve seen some videos of it getting pretty damn close. The ABT Audi RS6-R utilises ABT’s own Engine Control unit, a specially developed software and specially adapted stainless steel exhaust system – including a Y-pipe and sport-type catalytic converter – that makes for a superb sound through the car’s two double end pipes.

ABT Audi RS6-R

ABT Audi RS6-R

To add to the package the engineers used an ABT height adjustable spring kit, 22inch alloys and Dunlop high-performance tyres. Selected parts of the body kit are made of exposed red carbon giving the car some subtle flair. Inside the ABT Audi, the tuner has decorated the interior with letterings and embroidery that are as discreet as they are tasteful. Carbon-shift paddles and LED-shifting lights on the steering wheel help find the perfect gear shift moment.

ABT Audi RS6-R

ABT Audi RS6-R

The conversion will cost you €60,000 on top of the existing RS6 price but how can you put a price on that moment when you’ve got four mates and a couple of surfboards in the car and give a fellow in a Ferrari 458 a run for his money.

0-100 in 3.3 secs. Unbelievable.

See Shmee150 take the ABT Audi RS6-R for a spin below!

Check out more from ABT on their website.

For our take on the ABT Audi RS6+ presented at Geneva 2018, check out this link.


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