Vintage Rolex Watches 6 Things To Understand

Earlier this year, Sotheby’s held a sale in Geneva that featured many classic timepieces. Due to the sale being led by an incredibly rare pocket watch, exceeding $600,000 AUD, we decided to look at some slightly more attainable, understated vintage Rolex watches featured in the sale.

1. REF. 2508
A 1940 stainless steel chronograph wristwatch, black dial, estimated to go between $21,000 – $35,252. Lot sold $65,217.



2. REF. 6263
This 1974 Oyster Cosmograph is a beautiful stainless steel wristwatch that was expected to go between $28,202 — $56,404. Lot Sold $45,828.



3. REF. 6234
Stunning 1956 anti-magnetic Oyster Chronograph wristwatch. Estimated price tag between $14,101 — $21,151. Lot Sold $26,439.



4. REF. 6238
A rare, pre-Daytona stainless steel centre seconds chronograph, circa 1957. Estimated price $21,151 — $42,303. Lot Sold $38,778.



5. REF. 6036
An extraordinary and extremely rare yellow gold anti-magnetic Oyster Chronograph with a triple calendar. Expected to go between $141,010 — $211,515.



6. REF. 5513
A 1972 military issue stainless steel, automatic centre seconds Submariner. Estimated sale price $35,252 – $49,353. Lot sold $58,166.


Check out more from the sale at Sotheby’s website.

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