6 Essential Home Bar Tools 2017

Your home bar or any bar for that matter doesn’t solely rely on quality spirits to ensure it continues to produce top-notch drinks. The tools that you use are very important to help create the drinks you desire and of course, to the highest quality. TVG has compiled a list of 6 essential home bar tools to make sure you continue to mix your drinks perfectly.

1.     Cocktail Shaker

Your cocktail shaker may just be the most important part of your home bar tools collection. Used for mixing and chilling your concoctions, creating cocktails would be very difficult without this useful vessel.

There are two common types of cocktail shakers, The Boston Shaker and The Cobbler Shaker. The Boston shaker is the more renowned of the two and is used more often by bartenders as it allows for a much greater volume and the built-in strainer on The Cobbler Shaker may not be sufficiently fine. It consists of 2 halves, a glass or plastic mixing glass and a metal bottom, with the mixing glass fitting snuggly inside the metal bottom. The second shaker is The Cobbler Shaker, a metal shaker consisting of 3 parts – a metal vessel, strainer and cap.

Stainless Steel Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin and Glass for $8.99 – barware.com.au

2.     Jigger

While we may like to be a bit generous with our servings and many bartenders will pour using technique and memory, for a perfect pour and consistent cocktails, go no further than your jigger. The jigger is a double-sided measuring tool, one side with a ½ ounce (15ml) server and the other with a 1-ounce server (30ml).

½ and 1-Ounce Double Jigger for $9.60 – barware.com.au

3.     Hawthorne Strainer

Unlike a Cobbler Shaker, a Boston Shaker does not have an inbuilt strainer to separate ice and other ingredients. The Hawthorne strainer is characterised by its metal coin around the side to hold it in place while straining, as well as it’s two tabs which extend either side to hold it.

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4.     Bar Spoon

The bar spoon is not your average spoon. With a long spiral shaft and small bowl, it almost seems like a spoon from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ This spoon is especially useful when mixing tall drinks (typically in a glass similar to that of a Boston Shaker). It is also extremely useful for layer drinks by playing the varying densities of ingredients.

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5.     Muddler

A muddler has a similar function to a pestle from a mortar and pestle. It is used for muddling, crushing and mashing ingredients. The mechanism of muddling extracts juices and oils from various ingredients, notably fruits and herbs. A muddler is a key tool in many famous concoctions such as Mojitos, Caipiroskas and Old-Fashioneds.

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6.     Citrus Peeler

When finishing and garnishing a mixture, a citrus spring or peel can do wonders. This is achieved through adding that subtle spritz of flavour or that highlight of colour. Without a citrus peeler, this is cannot be achieved so easily.

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