59 Bond St Shoes

59 Bond St make thoughtfully classic shoes for men. The brand was founded in 1959 in Venice, and since then has evolved into a brand that sets itself apart with a blend of tradition, innovation and contemporary thoughts. 59 Bond St’s styles aspire to be the perfect partner for every moment of the day and any occasion within it. This aim is embodied within the names of their 4 philosophical lines: 20 4 7, 9 to 5, Casual Friday and …Never Sleeps.

‘Gordon’ – The exquisit double monk from 59 Bond St.

Classic and timeless styles used by many shoe makers are personalised through unique finishes or exclusive leathers, the result is a contrast that enhances the brand, and sets he who wears it apart from the crowd.

59 Bond St shoes come from the careful study of habits, needs and the personalities of the modern man. The shoes promote discreet sophistication as well as a balance between creativity, experience and attention to detail.

As stated on their website, “the 59 Bond St shoe is the result of a journey, a path that startes from an idea and develops thanks to precious hands and a rare know how. Passion and attention to details complete the masterpiece, but our customers choice to purchase is the real beginning of a 59 Bond St shoe.”

Fashion blogs around the globe have been talking about these shoes for years and I can understand why. They are sophisticated and understated yet at the same time unforgettable. Until recently these shoes were only available in select stores across Europe,  however you can now purchase these through the 59 Bond St Facebook page – news that thrilled us here at TVG.

The ‘Oliver’ Loafer

The ‘Rafel’ Loafer

The ‘Cashmere’Loafer

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