55 Blair St Terrace

Originally an art deco style shop house, Ong & Ong fulfilled the owners desire for a contemporary space filled with natural light while keeping the original facade at the front of the structure. 55 Blair St terrace has an outdoor space between the two sections of the house that accommodates the pool. Subtle tones and aluminum wall cladding bleed light into both sections of the home while creating exciting spatial combinations. The long aluminum bands are a modern contrast that reflects the traditional ornate facade.

The ground floor is not only a lounge and dining area but also an area to relax poolside. Large pieces of art hide the television and music appliances in recesses in the walls.  All the lighting can be controlled by an integrated computer, able to set the mood for any situation.  Up the grand spiral staircase, occupying the entire second floor in the main section of the house is the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and study/office space. A void in the master bedroom allows you a view down to the first floor. Integrated symmetrical bookshelves line the walls that lead to the study area.

In Singapore, most people have a maid so the entire rear section of the home is a kitchen space, a powder room, maids’ room and a roof terrace.













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