5 New Fragrances To Stand Out From The Crowd This Summer

After a rather lengthy hiatus, the Cologne Ranger is back with some thoughts on five tasty new fragrances from Agence De Parfum, three of which you can now purchase via the TVG Store.

Recently James and I met at Sydney’s iconically niche ‘Agence De Parfum’ hidden away in Darlinghurst to sample the newest releases from the world’s finest perfume houses. After discussing our favourites we put together our top 5 new fragrances from the session.

Penhaligon’s Portraits: Monsieur Beauregard Monsieur Beauregard

Easily one of Britain’s most luxurious fragrance houses, Penhaligon’s have been developing high-end fragrance products for over 140 years. Monsieur Beauregard is the most recent release (launching in Oct) of their Iconic ‘Portraits’ series and is an absolute standout!! This woody oriental scent starts with a strong pink pepper note. After the dry down, you are left with amazingly spicy heart notes from the orris and cinnamon, with warm base notes of Tonka and Sandalwood. This lady-killer is super cheeky! 

L’artisan Parfumeur: Histoire D’orangers

Histoire D’Orangers

This one was James’ pick of the bunch. This fragrance is from L’Artisan Parfumeurs collection which takes inspiration from different cities around the world. This floral scent inspired by Taroudant in Morocco pays homage to the cities ancient marketplaces. Its head notes start softly with neroli and white tea, its mid notes expand with musk and orange blossom, with subtle base notes of tonka and ambroxan. Can be purchased for about $190AUD which is amazing value in my humble.

Floris: Chypress

Floris Chypress

This mossy fragrance is extremely delicate and sophisticated. The nose behind this scent was Edward Bodenham who explains that “this fragrance was created to define our beauty and understated elegance and we feel with have discovered the perfect balance with Chypress”. This elegant fragrance opens with citrus headnotes from bergamot, lemon, and oranges, then in the heart, it settles with lavender, rose and jasmine with base notes of amber, vanilla, and musk. This is super sophisticated and very unisex.

Amouage: Beach Hut

Amouage Beach Hut

Easily my favourite fragrance from the day’s session. This scent is the reason I love the fragrance industry. It completely removed me from where I was at that point in time. Total nostalgia!

This gnarly concoction from the freakish Christopher Chong opens up with mint and orange blossom then the vetiver and ivy get to work finishing off with patchouli and dry woods. This one had me gobsmacked but doesn’t launch until October!

LALIQUE: L’insoumis

L'Insoumis by lalique

This neat little number was a lovely way to finish off the day. From the French Luxury Crystal makers comes this aromatic Fougere. It opens with basil and bergamot, after the scents dry down we are left with a warm hum of sage, black pepper, cedarwood, and vetiver. A perfect everyday scent which develops nicely.

Shop three of our top five on the TVG Store. 

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