5 Grooming Tips To Help You Look Young and Energised

Whether you like it or not, your appearance matters. First impressions always count, and people are making them the moment they lay eyes on you. Coming into work in an ill fitting suit, unpolished shoes, unkempt hair or with black rings under your eyes isn’t going to impress the boss, or your work crush. It’s time to channel your inner Patrick Bateman and employ a strict routine, and soon enough you’ll have the masses questioning your age, and enquiring about your phenomenal new complexion.

1) A clean shave

Whether your rock a beard or not, every man knows that glorious feeling of instant freshness when you finish a shave. Start with a hot shower or towel to open your pores, then ensure your skin and facial hair are soft by using a pre-shave oil. Lather your whole face and shave in short strokes, moving in the same direction that your hair grows. Finishing by splashing your face with icy cold water, which will tighten your skin back up and close the pores. 

2) Moisturise daily

Nothing quite finishes a clean shave like the application of a quality moisturiser. A consistent moisturising regime keeps your skin from drying out and helps treat sun damage, keeping you looking younger and fresher, especially after a night on the whiskies. Choose a moisturiser that is appropriate for the oil content of your skin.

3) Tidy your brows

On the subject of eyebrow, let’s just start by saying that Sandy Cohen is the only one that can pull off Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows. For the rest of you, considering brow-trimming an essential part of your new grooming routine. If you aren’t confident in your plucking abilities, and to avoid over-plucking, we recommend having them tidied by a professional, and one that specialises in men. If you want to give it a go, use a hot washer to open your pores, as you would shaving, and pluck from the base of the hair follicle.

4) Say goodbye to nose and ear hair

Every well-groomed man should be conscious of rogue nose (and if you have any, ear) hairs. If you’ve got the time a beauty therapist can wax the inside of your nose monthly, so you don’t need to trim on the regular. If you’re a savvy groomer, check out the nose wax kits for men, letting the warm wax dry inside your nose before pulling the hairs out with the provided applicator.

5) Sort out your greys

Salt and pepper is a colour best suited for your standard Schnauzer, not your head of hair. There’s no easier way to tweak your birth date than by covering up any traces of grey. Yes, waking up one day in your mid twenties to find 50 shades of grey hair atop your head is always going to be slightly traumatising, and if your mates at the pub weren’t convincing enough, a recent Neuro Insight study substantiates these claims – with an overall spike in preference for natural looking treated hair, from both men and women. Don’t worry, there’s an easy way to rectify the situation we promise. Covering your grey hair is as easy as working Just For Men Shampoo-in Haircolour into your new morning routine.

Easy and quick to use – just 5 minutes every 5 weeks – the Shampoo-in Haircolour only targets your grey hairs, so your mane looks like it did back in your glory days.

It’s time to hit your prime gentlemen.

5 Grooming Tips To Help You Look Young and Energised

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